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#388 PCB cleaning with Ethyl Alcohol

Episode 388
I said I got it off eBay, should have said Amazon
Audiophile Vintage - Marten Electric : Brilliant! Thanks for sharing. I'll give it a shot. You are right about the sticky residue, I tend to pot a tiny bit of deionised water in isopropyl for cleaning of PCB's or use Windolene.
Harry Sanders : I have found that 70% iso al works better than 90%. Also Home Depot sells ethyl along with acetone and lacquer thinner in qt. cans. 73
dri50 : Another source for ethanol is your local liquor store. Buy Everclear in the 190 proof variety (95% alcohol), The stuff is pretty cheap.
IMSAI Guy : a double duty liquid

How to make Alcohol at Home (Ethanol)


WARNING: Depending on where you live, making or distilling alcohol can be illegal without the proper permits or licenses.

Note: For a sugar wash, you probably don't need to sterilize anything. Just wash it with soap and water. The presence of other microbes can alter the taste if you plan to drink it.

This is a very basic way that you can make your own DRINKABLE ethanol at home. The main premise of this video is to show just how simple and easy it is to ferment your own alcohol. In a future video, I will try to dispel some myths regarding homebrewing, such as the exaggerated risk of methanol poisoning. I will also demonstrate how easy and safe it can be to distill your own ethanol from the wash that you produce.

In this video, I prepare a sugar wash (fermentation of sugar only). The process is similar to the preparation of wine or beer, but uses pure table sugar instead of a variety of different sugars, fruits or other additives. Also, more yeast is used in order to speed things up a little.

The final product should be ready in a week or two. If you want to drink it, you can. Just clear it first using a clearing solution and clean the taste up using activated carbon. It still won't taste very good though.

NOTE: Be aware that there are some things that when added might be dangerous. So, please, if you decide to add something to the fermentation, please verify beforehand that it is safe.

Here are some calculators to calculate how much sugar you need to make a certain amount of alcohol.

Nile talks about lab safety:


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Eru Eru : "I only use alcohol as a solvent" so do I, it solvents all my problems
Cody'sLab : People say making alcohol that way (from table sugar) ends up tasting like gas; Having tasted both I can say that gasoline tastes better. ;)
bigclivedotcom : Just for scientific purposes, you can get extraordinary results if you make your resultant stinky ethanol slightly alkaline with some bicarbonate of soda, then add a small amount of potassium permanganate. When mixed and left for a while the fusels clump allowing the mixture to be filtered nearly clear through a coffee filter. Redistillation then results in a near odourless and tasteless ethanol. I'm not sure the exact science involved, or if it has a bad effect on the chemical purity of the ethanol.
Leafy : thank you, i will now use my knowledge in chemistry to pursue teen drinking.
D L88 : I made alcohol when I was 17. I used a pressure cooker that I converted into a still. I kept it under my bed while it would ferment and when my parents went to work I would set up the still on the stove. Funny thing is, I did this during a time when I wasn't into drinking alcohol at all. I let my friends have it.

Ethyl Alcohol vs Isopropyl Alcohol

Wanna know more about the alcohols you use in your households? What are the differences between Ethyl and Isopropyl alcohol? Come watch this video to find out!

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ℤ ™ : This is informative and stating true facts.
mournblank : One missing piece, isopropyl alcohol cannot cause corrosion while ethanol can... So, for disinfecting metals, or electronics, it is always best to use isopropyl alcohol..
Use 90% or 99% if you want to disinfect electrical components
Trang Vũ : Very good and funny videos bring a great sense of entertainment!
CoastGuardFamily : This is so helpful and thank you but I will say if you could please turn down the volume of the music and turn up the volume of the speaker that would be wonderful
CoastGuardFamily : This is so helpful and thank you but I will say if you could please turn down the volume of the music and turn up the volume of the speaker that would be wonderful




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