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Ronnie Coleman

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4119 Nilesh : The best part when Markus Rhul says I did not beat Ronnie Coleman. He is unbeatable
Please Never Go Full Retard, Never. Now You Can Stop Looking At My Username. My Work Here Is Done : Imagine your first day in the gym and you see this beast walk in.
Artak091 : The rumor is Ronnie only used a spotter in case the weights needed a break.
MrClayrox : He’s the Mike Tyson of bodybuilding! There will never be another Ronnie Coleman
Abhishek Sathe : He looked like someone who was created to beat the Hulk

Gary B.B. Coleman - The Sky is Crying

Album: Too Much Weekend, Lyrics:The sky is cryin....Can't you see the tears roll down the street
The sky is cryin....Can't you see the tears roll down the street
I've been looking for my baby
And I wonder where can she be
I saw my baby early one morning....She was walking on down the street
I saw my baby early this morning....She was walking on down the street
You know it hurt me, hurt me so bad
It made my poor heart skip a beat
I've got a real real real real bad feelin
That my baby she don't love me no more
I've got a real real bad feelin that my baby don't love me no more
You know the sky, the sky's been cryin
Can you see the tears roll down my nose

"The Sky Is Crying" is a song that has become a blues standard. It was written and recorded by Elmore James in 1959

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Soch : If you're watching this in 2021, I love you and you're a legend.
White Flame Clips : It's nice to be in the company of people who appreciate real music.
Sue : For 9 mins it makes you forget the nightmare in Ukraine (godbless them all and protect) Truely does have an effect on how your feeling while listening to it, melting and calmness rolled into one great uplifting vibe
Soch : Still watching in 2022? Love you legends ‍♂️




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