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"Just A Smile" JW from Romania

Brothers \u0026 Sisters from Romania

Cover from Broadcasting (Osg 10) / Reinterpretare dupa Broadcasting (Osg 10):
During this difficult period, everyone is thinking of different ways to encourage each other. This is where we decided to use what Jehovah has given us to try to encourage one another.
We will be happy to encourage also with our comments, but remember that in the end ALL the glory goes to Jehovah, and we thank his organization for giving us such good spiritual food (and scores of course ;) so that we can also sing together and edify ourselves.
În această perioadă dificilă, toată lumea se gândește la diferite modalități de a se încuraja reciproc. Atunci am decis cu toții să folosim ceea ce Iehova ne-a oferit pentru a încerca să ne încurajăm unii pe alții.
TOATĂ gloria se duce la Iehova și îi mulțumim Organizației sale pentru că ne-a oferit aceată hrană spirituală minunată (și partitura bineînteles ;), astfel încât să putem cânta împreună și să ne edificăm.
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王灝兒 JW - 我不想別離 (劇集 “陀槍師姐2021” 主題曲) Official MV



Single available on:

iTunes: https://apple.co/2NxxBUF
KKBOX: https://bit.ly/3sSLpce
Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2MjssyH
MOOV: https://bit.ly/2YkJaQW
JOOX: https://bit.ly/2YviZHD
Apple Music: https://apple.co/3sJm98t
YouTube Music: https://bit.ly/3pbAqbI
QQ Music: https://bit.ly/3pfygrN
MyMusic : https://www.mymusic.net.tw/ux/w/album/show/4172301
friDay : http://omusic.friday.tw/albumpage.php?album_id=3817580


曲: 徐洛鏘
詞: 張美賢
編: Johnny Yim
監: 何哲圖/韋景雲

我有時會歎息 得我一個太倦疲
我有時卻覺得 獨行自有趣味
是我未慣演戲 沒有一眼叫你傾心這種美
頑強性格 常在戒備

我滿懷上進心 知道一切怎處理
我對誰太上心 只怕再傷不起
但我為抱緊你 就算這世界我都可以捨棄
我獨有的愛 普通的甜蜜 怎相比

明明掌聲在路邊響起 離終點偏差了十里
如天生外在太鋒利 令人行近會閃避
明明天空獨自撐得起 但我依戀你雙臂
難安份別說一起 我不想別離

我滿懷上進心 知道一切怎處理
我對誰太上心 虔誠得傷不起
但我為抱緊你 就算這世界我都可以捨棄
我獨有的愛 普通的甜蜜 怎去與我相比

明明掌聲在路邊響起 離終點偏差了十里
如天生外在太鋒利 令人行近會閃避
明明天空獨自撐得起 但我依戀你雙臂
難安份別說一起 我不想別離

明明花火做夢般燒起 仍差點至吻到你
像氣質亦是太鋒利 令人行近會閃避
明明天空獨自撐得起 但我依戀你雙臂
能安定在小天地 我不想做個傳奇
難安份別說一起 我不想別離

#王灝兒JW #我不想別離 #陀槍師姐2021

Ex-JW: "My kids are shunning me, what should I do?"

(Lloyd's Voicemails #40) Karl is "the happiest he's ever been" but also simultaneously distraught after his disfellowshipping has left him estranged from his two children, both of whom are no longer legal minors.

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