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UT Austin Admissions

The McCombs Experience- MSBA | McCombs School of Business | UT Austin

Master of Science in Business Analytics graduate Emily Buzzelli talks about her McCombs experience and how she plans to implement the knowledge and skills learned in the MSBA program to further advanced her professional career.
For more information about the McCombs MSBA- http://bit.ly/2V2VNzJ

UT Austin Computer Science 50th Anniversary - Amir Husain

Five graduates from the last 50 years were honored at #5 ranked University of Texas at Austin Computer Science Dept.'s 50th Anniversary. SparkCognition Founder and CEO, Amir Husain was one of them. Amir gave an inspiring speech at the symposium about how he fell in love with Computer Science.

See more of Amir's story, achievements, and talks at https://amirhusain.com/

Learn more about SparkCognition, visit us at:


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